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A Message From Our President & CEO Barron Guss


To our clients, employees and members of the community,

We are settling into a new normal as the coronavirus reshapes not only Hawaii, but our world forever. Each of us has been affected and no one has been spared. In my own family, my daughter has lost her job and her husband is working on the front lines at a hospital with the real possibility that he, too, may contract the virus.

If you are visiting our COVID-19 site for the first time, welcome. For those of you who have come to rely on this site as a resource for guidance regarding unemployment claims, FFCRA and the CARES Act, or even the evolution of best practices on the use of PPE – personal protective equipment, welcome back.

The volume of information regarding the COVID-19 crisis can be overwhelming. We have done our best to organize and curate all the information found here, including original content and useful links to help you navigate these unprecedented times. If you are a client and user of  HR Symphony, you will find easy access to all your CARES Act reporting once you log in.

For more than 50 years we have taken to heart our responsibility to serve our community. We recognize that Hawaii trusts our family of companies because of our long-standing service as the most experienced employment administration company locally and nationally. While tomorrow’s business landscape may look and feel different, our commitment will remain the same; to be with you today, tomorrow and the next 50 years.


Barron L. Guss
President and CEO

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