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Ask HR: “Can I Ask A New Employee To Stop Wearing Sleeveless Tops?”

Ask HR: “Can I ask a new employee to stop wearing sleeveless tops?”

In the world of human resources, nothing is off-limits. Despite it being pigeonholed as the complaint department, HR is chock-full of tricky and questionable work situations that, if handled poorly, can potentially create costly liabilities for a company.  That’s where simplicityHR’s Ask HR series comes in! From serious to seriously strange, we’re here to simplify all your burning HR questions.  To get an expert answer on dress code considerations, we reached out to Michele Kauinui, Director of HR Services at simplicityHR by ALTRES.  Ask HR: “Can I ask a new employee to stop wearing sleeveless tops?” Michele: Yes, employers can generally craft a dress code policy that aligns with the organization’s culture and image. Having a clear policy in place helps to clarify expectations of appropriate work attire for both employees and supervisors.  It would be best to have these guidelines in writing and disseminated to all employees, including new hires. A dress code policy is often found in a company’s Employee Handbook, which should be reviewed with new…

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