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Advice For Hawaii’s Lagging Unemployment Claims

Advice for Hawaii’s Lagging Unemployment Claims

It has been a difficult four months for our Unemployment Team as we have worked to assist thousands of employees who are seeking unemployment benefits impacted by COVID-19. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t imagine how we would feel if we too were trapped in the same cycle of confusion and frustration that so many claimants have been in. In the July 1, 2020 update from  Hawaii News Now there are still 11,000 claims waiting to be processed. Gov. David Ige’s statement explaining that “We are really down to those who have not received compensation, it’s the most complex cases” is true. The reality is that the State does not have the volume of trained professionals to support the sheer amount of complex cases that remain. By this stage, if claimants have not received decisions it…

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