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Coronavirus Cutbacks And Employer Options: Furlough, Layoff, Or Reduction-in-Force

Coronavirus Cutbacks and Employer Options: Furlough, Layoff, or Reduction-in-Force

As businesses across the nation respond to preventative measures to combat the threat of COVID-19 and prepare for the resulting economic impact, employers of all sizes are evaluating financial options for their workforce. Employers are seeking to balance supporting their employees while sustaining their business in light of the global pandemic. Since commonly used terms like “furlough”, “layoff”, and “reduction in force” can be a source for confusion, let’s unpack these three options and examine important considerations for each. The outcomes of each action are uniquely different and deserve understanding before making a decision.

How To Reduce Employee Absenteeism

How to Reduce Employee Absenteeism

Regardless of the reason, all employee absences cost employers money and impact productivity. It can be devastating for a business if it becomes a pattern. But it doesn’t have to be.
Your Employee Just Quit—Now What?

Your Employee Just Quit—Now What?

Sooner or later one of your employees is going to quit, and whether they’re giving two-week notice or leaving that same day, losing a worker can have negative effects on your business if not handled correctly.
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