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Reduce COVID-19 Risk With Our Complimentary Wellness Tracker

Reduce COVID-19 Risk with Our Complimentary Wellness Tracker

For Hawaii, there's nothing more important than reducing the spread of COVID-19, and for employers, it starts in the workplace. Having employees and customers self-screen for potential symptoms and monitor situations that make them possible carriers of the virus prior to coming to work is the first step in managing the spread. As a courtesy to businesses and to keep Hawaii safe, the ALTRES Foundation in collaboration with HR Symphony is providing a COVID-19 self-screening application – How does a self-screening tracker work? is a quick and simple health survey that is emailed or texted to each employee or customer before they start their workday or visit. The questionnaire asks a series of customizable screening questions, and upon completion, users are directed to report in person or stay home and await further instruction. Simultaneously, automatically notifies supervisors of the…

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