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Employment Tax Reporting Due Dates

Employment Tax Reporting Due Dates

Though early reporting deadlines for some forms have already passed in January and February, there are still some employment tax deadlines to keep on the radar.
Direct Deposit Guide For Hawaii Employers

Direct Deposit Guide for Hawaii Employers

Having electronic payments set up is now more critical than ever. When it comes to getting your employees paid, that means direct deposit. But what if your company is not set up to do direct deposits? Or you have employees who resist electronic banking? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way Hawaii businesses work overnight. Being short-staffed, practicing social distancing, and following work-from-home orders has left many employers struggling to pay their employees quickly and efficiently. COVID-19 Employer Resources Making this job more difficult, Hawaii lags the nation in direct deposit adoption. Some employees still don’t have a bank account, or just greatly prefer to have money in hand. At the same time, many employers simply don’t offer the option, a decision which ultimately creates more work for them. To get your business ready for direct deposit, let’s take a…

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