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Reopening Hawaii: Considerations for Employers

business with open sign reopening

As restrictions relax and the economy restarts, Hawaii business owners have much to think about before opening the doors.

Considerations include workplace safety for employees and guests; how to maintain social distance and still provide a conducive business atmosphere; what the financial impact is to the business; and how to operate in a new world of work.

The simplicityHR by ALTRES Back to Work Kit linked below is intended to help Hawaii business owners safely reopen.

While every business is unique, these resources based on state and federal best practices, guidelines, and safety protocols are relevant to everyone, because we’re all in this together!

Back to Work Kit for Hawaii Employers

The Back to Work eBook includes advice, tips and reminders for formulating your business’ plan to reopen, including considerations of:

  • When to Reopen
  • Assessing Risk
  • Maintaining a Safe Work Environment
  • Recalling Employees
  • Screening Employees
  • Planning Communication

Additionally, this kit offers employers a quick guide to safety, an overview of the back to work process, and printable signage to promote safety in the workplace.

We hope you will find this to be a valuable resource as you begin to reopen your doors.

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As with any business decision you need to make, you need to do what’s specifically appropriate for you and your business. We highly encourage you seek guidance and advice from your trusted advisors as they know you and your business best.

Have a question for one of our HR experts? To learn more about this issue or to schedule a free consultation on the advantages of human resources outsourcing, contact simplicityHR.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Readers should first consult their attorney, accountant or adviser before acting upon any information in this article.

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