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Don’t Fumble Super Bowl Monday: Keep it Productive and Safe

superbowl monday

Good food and good football—all the fixings for one of our country’s favorite holidays. We’re not talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas; we’re talking about Super Bowl Sunday—the most official, unofficial holiday of the year. It’s all fun and games until Monday morning comes around and it’s back to work.

The day after the big game has long been a point of contention for employers. A survey from The Workforce Institute estimates that 17.2 million employed U.S. adults may miss work the day after Super Bowl because of the so-called Super Bowl Fever. And of course, absent, late, and distracted employees cost employers money.

“If workers come in just one hour late on Monday, the cost to companies in lost productivity tops $1.7 billion, according to our estimates,” said Andrew Challenger, vice president of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. in 2018 (Source). This does not include time spent discussing the game, watching highlights, setting up pools, or planning parties.

Gameday is just around the corner. To keep your company functioning at full speed the day after the Super Bowl, it pays to have a thought-out game plan.

Game Plan

No matter how obvious, it never hurts to communicate your company policies. Remind employees that are scheduled to work that outside of a real emergency or sickness, the Monday after the Super Bowl is a required workday and coming in late is unacceptable, as always.

Play offensively

You know your team and who might not make it in on Monday morning. Talk to those employees and let them know they can schedule the day off in advance. Of course, you can’t allow every worker to take the day off, so use your standard rules when approving vacation request.

Block off Monday

On the other hand, consider making the Monday after the Super Bowl a blackout workday—meaning employees can’t schedule vacation during this time. Much like how retail workers often can’t take vacation during the busy holiday season, this will ensure your workforce is fully staffed.

Build a defensive lineup

Even if you stress the importance of showing up on-time Monday morning, chances are you’ll have a few employees who come in late or call in sick. Plan for this scenario by making sure you have additional workers that you can bring in last minute, either through a staffing company (like ALTRES Staffing) or an on-call group.

Sport-related distractions in the workplace are common (for instance Fantasy Football and March Madness). In the end, how you choose to handle these distractions and keep your company productive will determine whether your company comes out on top.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Readers should first consult their attorney, accountant or adviser before acting upon any information in this article.


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