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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your HR

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, Hawaii’s ongoing recovery efforts are proving to be more of a marathon than a sprint. Everyone is working hard to survive (and even thrive) in the “new normal.” Many businesses are turning to employer services organizations that offer the expertise of a full-service human resources department to help with the complexities of HR administration, including payroll, COVID-19 policies for employees, managing unemployment claims, and accessing federal funding options like SBA loans.

There are different kinds of companies that can offer HR support to businesses. A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides human resource related services to small and mid-sized companies. They take on the administrative burden of managing employment compliance and allow their clients to focus on what really matters to them: their business.

There are countless ways that a PEO can save your company money and ensure return on investment. Here are our top five.

1. Access to a full team of HR professionals

“As a client of a PEO, your business will have access to a full team of HR professionals. This is a huge benefit for small to mid-sized companies who wouldn’t otherwise have a human resources expert on staff” says Michele Kauinui, Director of Human Resources at simplicityHR by ALTRES.

Imagine having over 10 HR experts working for your company without the enormous price tag. Even though a PEO will serve multiple clients, your company will have dedicated industry experts to walk you through all your biggest HR questions and employee issues, especially as a myriad of new COVID-related employer compliance responsibilities fall on the shoulders of business owners.

Among many other resources, your HR team can assist with:

  • HR Audits, investigations, and consultations
  • Creating legal job descriptions and hiring process consulting
  • Handling employee orientations and surveys
  • Customizing employee handbooks
  • Designing compensation plans and salary reviews
  • Assisting with performance management
  • Drug and alcohol testing administration
  • Employee relations and termination support

To access a full list of the services simplicityHR by ALTRES can provide, visit our Plans page.

2. Assurance of compliance with state and federal laws

Your business is busy doing what it does best; you shouldn’t have to be worried about keeping up with every piece of employment news. In the last year alone, dozens of new compliance requirements burdened business owners. A PEO will handle the stress of staying up-to-date with all state and federal laws and regulations—so you don’t have to. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your business is always in compliance. So that new salary history ban, minimum wage increase, overtime rule or FFCRA compliance will never need to stress you out; we will ensure you are aware of any changes that need to be made.

3. Access to big company benefits

A PEO will be able to provide your company with access to cost-effective, comprehensive benefits that you wouldn’t be able to maintain otherwise. The PEO will handle all aspects of benefits administration including rate negotiation, employee enrollment, unemployment issues, and vendor relations.

This also allows access to benefits that otherwise would not be affordable to smaller companies. Through simplicityHR by ALTRES, your employees can have access to a variety of medical insurance options including family coverage, dental coverage, 401(k), long-term care insurance, and tuition assistance among other benefits.

4. Access to HR technology

If your company is under 100 employees, it usually doesn’t make sense to invest in your own HR technology, even if it will automate a few of your processes. With a PEO, you have access to their technology, plus the support of a dedicated team that will help you utilize every function to keep everything organized—from your payroll processing to your employee applications.

With simplicityHR by ALTRES, you’ll get access to HR Symphony, a cloud-based HR ecosystem that was developed right here in Hawaii. HR Symphony provides a robust set of features that will help you maintain records all in one easy-to-use, central location for:

  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Payroll processing
  • Time and attendance
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee management
  • Business intelligence
  • Self-screening/Wellness Checks

5. Business partnership you can trust

ALTRES was founded on the principles of making business simple. With over 50 years of delivering human resources expertise to thousands of clients, there isn’t much that simplicityHR by ALTRES hasn’t already encountered. With a proven track record for service excellence and our outstanding leadership and an innovative award-winning service model, we are built to weather the storm and have the infrastructure to support small to medium-sized businesses pivot through a crisis.

We moved swiftly to provide a one-stop guide for COVID-19 Resources to support Hawaii businesses, built tools to simplify the PPP Application and PPP Forgiveness process, and provided timely valuable insight from industry experts via our Simply Business program on topics such as the COBRA Premium Subsidy, economic relief like the American Rescue Plan, and Hawaii’s Unemployment Rate Increase.

Need more convincing? Check out why more business leaders choose us and our success stories from other local companies.

To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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