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Can Failure To Adhere To OSHA Laws And Regulations Be Criminal?

Can failure to adhere to OSHA laws and regulations be criminal?

As an employer, failure to adhere to safety standards and procedures in the workplace doesn’t just have the potential to result in hefty OSHA fines or civil suits, but as a recent spate of court cases has shown—you may even be held liable for criminal charges, as well.
Your Employee Just Quit—now What?

Your employee just quit—now what?

Sooner or later one of your employees is going to quit, and whether they’re giving two-week notice or leaving that same day, losing a worker can have negative effects on your business if not handled correctly.
How To Protect Your Business From A Hurricane

How to protect your business from a hurricane

If your experience has taught you anything, it’s that relying on luck and good fortune is not a prudent way to run a business. Still, many business owners have a tendency to think that a disastrous event, like a hurricane, will never happen to them.
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