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We know that understanding tax-savings programs isn't the easiest thing to do, so we compiled some links and resources to help you. If you'd still like the help of a real, live person, it's just a phone call away. Call our Tax-Savings Programs manager at (808) 306-1428.



Aflac Supplemental Insurance Plans - call our Tax Savings Programs manager

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Participant Handbook (includes an FSA Expense Estimation Worksheet on the last page)

List of Eligible and Ineligible Health Care FSA Expenses

List of retailers accepting the BENNY™ Debit Card

Tax-Savings calculator for Health Care, Dependent Day Care, and supplemental insurance (Click on the link then from the menu on the page that opens, click the "Calculate your tax savings" option.)

Tax-Savings Programs Comparison Chart

Tax-Savings Programs Brochure

Pre-Tax Commute Plan Flyer



Health Care and Dependent Day Care FSA

Pre-Tax Commute Plan Salary Redirection Agreement

Debit Card Participation Form for Health Care FSA

Tax-Savings Programs Interest Form


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