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Disaster Preparedness is Good Business

hurricane in Hawaii preparedness

Every hurricane season is yet another reminder for Hawaii businesses to maintain strong protocols for seamless operation and worry-free continuity. Our HR teams continually provide first line defense for COVID-19 risks, natural disasters and potential business interruptions. The health and well-being of our associates, clients, and their employees is our priority.

The simplicityHR by ALTRES Disaster Preparedness is Good Business eBook linked below is a resource to help prepare and protect your most important assets (people, capital, documents and operations) in the event of a future threat. Our eBook can aid Hawaii businesses to navigate emergency preparedness, business continuity, and resilience for their organization and their employees.

Disaster Preparedness is Good Business

No matter the disaster that you may face, our eBook includes checklists, best practices, communication plans, and resources for formulating your business’ plan to operate safely, including considerations of:

  • What to Do Before a Threat
  • What to Do During a Threat
  • What to Do After a Threat
  • Best Practices for Emergency Preparedness Communication
  • Employee Emergency Preparedness

Additionally, this eBook offers employers a resource for essential emergency management that can assist your business with communicating with your employees, the media, and your customers.

Disaster Preparedness Downloads

We hope you will find these to be valuable resources as you safely resume operations and maintain best practices to protect your employees, clients, and guests.


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Have a question for one of our HR experts? To learn more about this issue or to schedule a free consultation on the advantages of human resources outsourcing, contact simplicityHR.

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