HR Advantage Plan

HR Advantage is your comprehensive, best-in-class human resource (HR) service and support solution. It’s an all-inclusive package that features the highest levels of service and support for one simple, monthly fee.

HR Advantage provides unlimited support, the best in health care plans and employee benefits, customized HR consulting and support, expert payroll processing and delivery, management training, and hands-on safety and risk management services.

Hundreds of Hawaii employers and thousands of their employees statewide enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the highest quality HR services package available anywhere in the U.S. today:

  1. Expert payroll administration
  2. Workers’ compensation coverage and claims administration
  3. A choice of quality health care plans
  4. A competitive, robust employee benefits package including Lifestyle Benefits®
  5. Comprehensive HR support and consulting services
  6. Expert on-site safety, risk management and training services
  7. Unlimited 24/7 service and support!

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