White Papers

When you've been doing human resources for as long as we've been doing it, you learn a few things. Here are a few free white papers filled with practical information we've learned along the way.

"Winning Hawaii's Talent War - A Strategic Guide to Recruit & Retain the Best Employees"

Hawaii’s businesses are in a fight of their lives. Low unemployment, geographic isolation, an aging population and the highest-in-the-nation cost of living has forced a mad scramble for qualified workers across all local industries. This report explains exactly what to do to retain their star employees and recruit new talent, as well as:

  • Bridging the Boomer and Millennial divide
  • Determining what employees value
  • Building a meaningful workplace culture

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"Social Media and the Workplace: A Guide for Hawai'i Employers"

This 14-page special report outlines the impact of social networking on business, covers important social networking issues that all organizations should understand, and provides practical steps for mitigating risk. Highlights include:

  • The liabilities and risks of social media to employers
  • How a social media policy can protect a business
  • How to create, implement and enforce a social media policy
  • Whether or not employers should be monitoring social media use
  • Hiring, firing and disciplining employees over social networking

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"Staying Ahead of the Downturn: A How-To Guide for Hawaii Employers"

This 8-page guide provides straightforward, cost-effective tactics to help your business during these challenging times:

  • The top 5 mistakes to avoid in a down economy
  • “Smart-size” your business now
  • Maximize your people assets and avoid layoffs

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"HR Secrets for Hawaii Employers"

Written with the local business owner in mind, this paper shares valuable "insider" know-how about recruiting, hiring and firing employees as well as:

  • 3 secrets to successful hiring
  • The true cost of employee turnover
  • 20 illegal questions you can't ask during a job interview

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