Why Outsource?

Contain Overall Labor Costs

Gain control of your labor costs. It’s that simple. Our proven systems, online tools, and expert service teams help you create a more efficient, cost-effective way of doing business.

One invoice, one vendor
When you outsource your payroll and HR administration to ALTRES, you’ll know exactly what your labor costs are every month. A single invoice includes payroll, employee benefits, required taxes and insurances,and our service fee. 

Say goodbye to reconciling invoices from multiple vendors and trying to figure out your labor costs. Just pay as you go!

Large group buying power
Because we handle employment administration for hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees throughout Hawaii, your business gains access to exceptional employee benefits and support services, regardless of your company size.  Whether it’s medical coverage or a 401(k) plan, we negotiate the best group rates on behalf of all our clients.

Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation coverage
There are no down payments and no end-of-year audit premium surprises. With simplicityHR, you make incremental premium payments with each pay period. Best of all, your rates won’t go up just because you’ve had an injury on the job.

Lower employee turnover
High employee turnover can suck the life—and profitability—out of a business.  Our HR professionals help you improve employee retention and employee morale. With simplicityHR, you can offer your workforce great employee benefits and provide excellent employee support. 

No more “premium leakage”
If an employee leaves your company and you don’t remove that person (and their dependents) from your health insurance roster, any premium dollars you mistakenly continue to pay are lost forever. simplicityHR’s integrated system ensures you pay only the insurances and taxes necessary.

Streamlined workflow
Simplify everything from time & attendance to benefits administration. simplicityHR frees you from all the inefficient HR administration requirements that can result in costly errors.

We make business run better: