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Safety & Risk Management


Safety is our priority

We believe prevention, preparedness, and immediate incident response are the best tools for containing costs. Which is why we’ve made our Safety & Risk team a significant part of our solution. We have built the best safety and risk team in Hawaii, and every day, our team of safety experts help create safer work environments by identifying potential violations and training staff to reduce accidents and keep your employees on the job.

Safety is more than a job, it’s our life.

No one in the state can match our Safety & Risk Management team. Our team has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you create safer work environments and identify potential regulatory violations. They also efficiently handle all aspects of injury follow-up and deliver our robust list of safety training to help you create a safer and more prepared workplace.

Education Catalog

HR & Safety Education Services Catalog

Your success is our success. That’s why we’re proud to offer world-class educational and training seminars on over eighty different topics that affect local businesses in every industry. It’s the most robust and diverse set of workshops and classes in the state, download a catalog and see for yourself.


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