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Reduce the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace with Wellness Tracker

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, it is imperative for each of us to do our part. Self-screening is the most widely accepted and non-controversial method to implement a shift around virus containment.



Discover quick and helpful overviews of complex legislation and options available for Hawaii employers with these informative quick videos.

Hawaii’s Return to Work Guide includes a video and a downloadable powerpoint.

The simplicityHR FFCRA Compliance Toolkit includes a step-by-step FFCRA checklist, a handy flowchart for determining appropriate leave, employee leave request form, and more.

 A Practical Guide to Business Continuity for Local Employers Four critical steps to take to preserve the equity you built into your business.

State of Hawaii COVID-19 Vaccine Info

This site provides vaccine information for the community, kupuna and essential workers. Find out if you are eligible to receive the vaccine, how to register and where to get a vaccine.

Risk, Safety and COVID-19 Resources
Tools and resources to support compliance with changing COVID-19 mandates, mitigate risk, ensure safety and take steps toward disaster recovery.
Back to Work: Managing a Positive COVID-19 Test

As our local industries resume operations and manage the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Hawaii businesses need to have a plan of action in place to ensure containment and communication should a positive case become known.

Printable Signs for your Business

Visit the link below to download these free print-ready signs related to health, hygiene and social distancing.

Hawaii's Return to Work Guide

As restrictions relax and the economy restarts, Hawaii business owners have much to think about before opening the doors. Download this PowerPoint template for your company to use.

Reopening Hawaii: Considerations for Employers

The simplicityHR by ALTRES Back to Work Kit download below is intended to help Hawaii business owners safely reopen.

Flu and the Workplace

Below are several links to help your business prepare for the upcoming flu season.

Work from Home: Safety eBook

simplicityHR by ALTRES  has put together some tips to help our local workforce maintain a safe and productive home office environment.

COVID Relief Bill: What It Means for Your Business

simplicityHR by ALTRES  has summarized some of the highlights of the PPP and tax provisions that support businesses and what they mean for you.



Tools and resources to support compliance with changing mandates, mitigate risk, ensure safety and take steps toward disaster recovery.

Best practices and support for unemployment claim management in response to COVID-19
Guidance to understand new legislation for employee leave due to COVID-19, tools to manage, process and pay leave

Quick and easy to implement resources to support  business preparation, employee communication and recovery efforts.


Quick and easy to digest resources, guides and helpful links to help employees through the challenges of the  COVID-19 response.

Resources and tools to tackle financial challenges, retain employees, and navigate deferred taxes
Welcome to the simplicityHR by ALTRES COVID-19 Employer Resource site, designed to help Hawaii businesses navigate the challenges you and your workforce are facing. On this site you will find Employer News, Toolkits, Quicklink Resources and Articles and to help guide your efforts. As the trusted HR Administration team that Hawaii workers have come to rely upon, we understand the role we play in helping you navigate these challenging times for your business and your employees. We are taking extraordinary measures to keep our own staff safe and ensure our clients and their employees have the essential services and guidance they need to get through these difficult times.

More COVID-19 Resources

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