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Workers' Compensation


Worry-free workers’ compensation

Workers’ comp is known to be complicated and time-consuming. We’re making it simple and worry-free.

Competitive pricing

With us, you’ll be covered by our workers’ compensation insurance program where you can expect competitive rates with no down payments or audit premiums.

Good-bye guesswork

You probably spend a lot of time estimating future payroll for each job type in your organization. If your estimates turn out to be lower than the final audited amounts, you’ll owe money you may not have budgeted for. By letting us accurately classify your work comp codes, we can eliminate the guesswork and keep you in compliance.

Integrated payroll solution

We simplify your worker’s compensation insurance by integrating it with payroll. That way, your premium is accurately calculated every payroll period. Any changes in the number of employees or wages paid are immediately accounted for and accrued for each pay period. Because the workers’ compensation premium will be an exact payment, you’ll never have to do an annual workers’ comp audit ever again. How perfect is that?


  • Stable, competitive, long-term pricing
  • Exact premium, not estimated
  • No deposit premium
  • No annual audit
  • Zero deductible
  • Significant time savings
  • Improved cash flow

Expert workers’ comp team

Our team’s mastery of workers’ compensation has allowed us to keep rates down and manage injury claims effectively. In fact, our rates have been stable for years. That credit can be attributed to the tireless work and expertise of our workers’ comp team.

Workers Comp-people

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