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Our Plans

Three service plans to fit any business

Whether your business is just starting out, growing quickly or you’re a large company that needs to offload your “back office” busy work, we have a solution to fit your business’ needs and budget.


HR Essentials

Perfect for enterprise organizations

For about the same monthly cost the national providers charge for payroll-only services, our HR Essentials plan provides all the administrative support you need. Plus, you’ll receive our world-class HR technology, HR Symphony®


HR Options

Complete yet flexible solution

This is a complete plan that allows you to choose from a wide array of optional programs such as HR supportemployee benefits beyond basic medical plans, and our world-class HR technology, HR Symphony®.


HR Advantage

Comprehensive and all-inclusive

Our premium plan featuring unlimited HR support and compliance, employee benefits, payroll processing, training, and safety and risk management services, as well as our world-class HR technology, HR Symphony®.


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HR Outsourcing in Hawaii

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  • Expert Payroll Processing
    Accurate and timely processing of paychecks. Includes payroll deductions, tax administration, quarterly and year-end tax report filings, and records maintenance.
  • Online Payroll Submission via HR Symphony®
    Access to our integrated, Internet-based human resources information system (HRIS) for payroll submission.
  • Employee Access to Pay History
    HR Symphony®, our web-based HR information system, allows employees to login and access their check history, deductions, W-2s, and a useful paycheck calculator.
  • Electronic Time & Attendance System
    Our internet-based daily time and attendance system for employees and managers.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking
    Tracking employee paid leave (e.g. vacation, sick leave, PTO) in accordance with company policies.
  • Tax Management
    Managing the filing and auditing of all federal and state employment tax requirements.
  • Direct Deposit
    A convenient banking option in which paycheck funds are deposited automatically into an employee’s personal bank account.
  • Paycard
    A payment option for employees where paycheck funds are automatically loaded on to a paycard. The paycard can then be used like a debit card to make retail transactions and access funds via an ATM or on cash back purchases.
  • Pre-tax Benefit Deductions
    We easily handle payroll deductions for medical insurance premiums, retirement plan contributions, and pre-tax benefit plans.
  • Wage Garnishments
    Income withheld per court order for unpaid child support, defaulted student loans, unpaid taxes, unpaid court fines, etc.
  • Certified Payroll
    Payroll involving state, federal or federally-assisted contracts which require weekly certified payroll reports.
  • Weekly Processing
    Payroll that is processed each week.
  • Bi-Weekly Processing
    Payroll that is processed every two weeks (standard payroll cycle).
  • Semi-Monthly Processing
    Payroll that is processed twice a month.
  • Payroll Delivery
    Delivery of paychecks directly to a worksite.
  • HR Symphony® Report Library
    Pre-formatted and customizable payroll and personnel reports.
  • Complex Reports
    Reports run from our customized programs
  • Custom Programming and Reports
    Creation of customized featured or functionality and development of customized reports outside of current technology offering.
  • Time Clock
    Time clock devices that are programmable and fully integrated with HR Symphony® to ensure accurate, real-time data.
  • HR Symphony® Online Human
    Resources Information System (HRIS)
    Our customized HRIS incorporates proprietary technology and a unique business process design. It gives managers on-demand access to personnel data and reports, while employees get online access to their pay history, PTO, sick time, and employee benefits information (online data access varies according to service plan).
  • Micro-Evaluations®
    A quick and easy way for supervisors to evaluate employee performance on a daily basis via HR Symphony.
  • Skills & Certification Tracking
    An online tool through HR Symphony for supervisors to set certification renewal reminders, run reports, and upload copies of licenses.
  • Job Descriptions
    A catalog of key job descriptions in HR Symphony
  • Paperless New Hire Onboarding
    Our online employee onboarding system that allows new hires to complete practically all employment forms at their leisure.
  • Custom Form Builder
    Creation of customized company forms within the paperless new hire onboarding system.
  • General Employment Policies (GEP)
    A written summary of company policies provided by an employer that outlines employment procedures and/or practices.
  • Employee Recordkeeping
    Safe and secure maintenance of employee records.
  • Exempt/Nonexempt Classification
    Properly classifying employees based on their pay and job responsibilities. Employees who are “nonexempt” from FLSA provisions qualify for overtime pay, whereas employees to whom these provisions do not apply are “exempt.”
  • Legally Required Postings
    Federal and state law dictate that information about specific employment-related laws be posted conspicuously in common areas at each worksite. ALTRES produces its own legally-compliant posters and provides them to clients free of charge.
  • Employee Orientations at ALTRES
    Introducing new employees to the workplace, their supervisors and jobs. ALTRES will ensure that new hire forms are completed, including tax forms, employment eligibility verification, benefits enrollment, and review of general employment policies.
  • HR Forms
    An array of HR-related forms and resources available online or by contacting the HR Department.
  • EEO-1 Filing
    Preparation and filing of annual, mandatory, EEO-1 Component 1 report for covered employers
  • Employee Handbook
    An expansion of general employment policies provided by an employer. This document can include client-specific employment policies, procedures and benefits as well as compliance-related notices to employees. Available online through HR Symphony.
  • Employee Orientations On Site
    Introducing new employees to the workplace, their supervisors and jobs. ALTRES will ensure that new hire forms are completed, including tax forms, employment eligibility verification, benefits enrollment, and review of general employment policies.
  • HR Audits
    Comprehensive onsite review of human resources policies, processes and documents to ensure compliance and consistency.
  • Organizational Development
    Consultation on making internal changes to increase an organization's productivity and effectiveness.
  • Employee Climate Surveys
    A series of questions to gauge employees’ perceptions and attitudes of an organization’s work environment.
  • Performance Management
    Monitoring and managing an organization's, team's or employee's performance according to key indicators.
  • Salary Reviews & Compensation Plan Design
    An assessment of employee pay rates in comparison to job performance, internal conditions, and/or external market analysis.
  • PTO Policy Development
    Assistance with developing compliant paid time off policies.
  • Employee Retention Consultations
    Providing advice on how to acquire, develop and retain talent within an organization.
  • Hiring Process Consultations
    Providing advice on effective interviewing methods, screening and hiring processes and requirements.
  • Recruitment Consultations
    Providing advice on how to find and recruit qualified job applicants.
  • HR Consultations
    Professional human resources guidance and support on an as-needed basis, either by phone or during an on-site visit to the workplace. Little to no advance scheduling is necessary.
  • Disciplinary Action Support
    Assistance in corrective discipline of employee behavior, which may include verbal and written reprimands, suspension, and/or discharge from employment.
  • Employee Relations Support
    Creating and maintaining positive employer-employee relationships by preventing and resolving work-related issues.
  • Employment-related Claim Preparation
    Assistance in the preparation of audit-related documents such as employee census information, payroll/benefit records and/or personnel files.
  • Termination Support
    Severing the employee-employer relationship in a professional manner by using best practices within the realm of human resources law to minimize employment liability.
  • HR Investigations
    The examination of an employee’s misbehavior or complaint, which may be related to alleged discrimination, sexual harassment, or any other form of job-related misconduct.
  • Employee Support Hotline
    24-hour phone service for confidential reporting of employee concerns in the workplace.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Administration
    Administration of DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures. Types of testing include pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident.
  • Workers' Compensation Coverage
    Insurance coverage, paid by an employer and required by state law, that provides cash benefits and medical care if an employee becomes disabled due to an on-the-job injury or illness.
  • Expert Claims Administration
    Professional claims management and processing, including claims investigations, assistance with workers' compensation hearings, and a 24-hour injury hotline.
  • Claims Investigations
    Most employers don’t have the resources to investigate workers’ comp claims for potential fraud and abuse. ALTRES’ Risk Management team and their on-call private investigators are highly experienced at claims investigations.
  • 24-hour Injury Hotline
    ALTRES’ prompt, professional response to work-related injuries keeps workers’ comp costs down for everyone. An essential component of that response is our 24-hour injury hotline number, which all employees are given.
  • Deductible (per incident)
    Administrative fee paid for each incident involving an on-the-job injury.
  • Waiver of Subrogation
    An agreement where the insurer gives up the right to take action against a third party for a loss suffered by the insured.
  • Return-to-Work Program
    A program that provides opportunities for employees to return to work following illness or injury.
  • Safety Inspections, Initial On-site
    The identification of risk and liability exposure at a workplace performed for all new clients. The initial safety survey is followed by recommendations of corrective actions and appropriate training to help employers avoid potential regulatory violations.
  • Safety Inspections, Ongoing On-site
    The identification of risk and liability exposure at a workplace followed by recommendations of corrective actions to help employers avoid potential regulatory violations.
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance
    ALTRES safety and risk specialists assist clients in complying with Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace for their employees.
  • Safety & Risk Management Consulting Services
    Evaluations performed by Safety Consultants to provide safety guidance tailored to specific work sites.
  • Site-Specific Safety Manuals
    Safety Consultants will assist in the creation of site-specific safety manuals as well as offer guidance on existing manuals.
  • UHA
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Drug, Vision, Dental & Chiropractic Coverage
    Riders are coverage options that can be added to a medical plan. Not all riders are available on all plans.
  • Two-Party & Family Coverage
    Health plan coverage for a legal spouse and/or dependents in addition to the employee.
  • Benefit Plan Administration
    ALTRES handles all facets of employee benefit plan enrollment (health plan, retirement plan, flexible spending account, etc.) and any changes to plan design, coverage or benefits.
  • Open Enrollment Management
    ALTRES will manage the annual open enrollment process for health plans and pre-tax programs such as flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and commuter expense plans.
  • Vendor Relations & Paperwork Processing
    We manage all the paperwork to ensure eligibility, changes in employee status and coverage are current and in compliance with current state and federal laws.
  • Rate Negotiations
    Never worry about employee benefits again! ALTRES shields its clients from the annual hassles of negotiating health plan rates.
  • Billing Reconciliation
    ALTRES reviews invoices from all benefits vendors on behalf of its clients to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Medical Eligibility Tracking
    Monthly tracking of employee work hours to verify eligibility for receiving health insurance coverage in accordance with the Prepaid Healthcare Act.
  • Employee Communications
    ALTRES communicates directly with client employees -- via mail, email and phone -- regarding their benefit plans, eligibility, and any changes that occur. Employee telephone and online inquiries are handled expertly and timely.
  • ACA Compliance and Filing
    ALTRES will ensure health plans are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as preparing any required forms and submitting the necessary IRS filings related to health insurance.
  • ACA Compliance Assistance
    ALTRES will provide guidance and answer any questions regarding compliance with the Affordable Care Act.
  • Leave of Absence Administration
    ALTRES will handle all aspects of leave of absence administration.
  • COBRA Administration
    ALTRES administers COBRA benefits to qualified former employees and ensures compliant recordkeeping. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Action (COBRA) allows qualified employees to continue group health benefits when they lose their job, their work hours are reduced, or they experience other qualifying life events, such as a change in marital status or the birth of a child. Qualified employees receive health coverage at group rates (plus administration fee) upon loss of coverage.
  • Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)
    TDI provides employees with partial compensation for loss of wages caused by a non-work-related sickness or injury (including pregnancy).
  • Client-sponsored Retirement Plan Processing
    Processing retirement plan deductions per client instructions
  • ALTRES 401(k) Retirement Core Plan
    Employers can adopt a fully automated 401(k) plan that takes the guess work out of getting started, while offering efficient administration, proven investment performance, and top qualifty customer service at no cost to the employer.
  • Flexible Spending Account (Section 125)
    A flexible spending account (FSA) allows employees to set aside a portion of each paycheck for qualified expenses before taxes are calculated, resulting in potential tax savings. Qualified expenses include out-of-pocket medical expenses and dependent day care expenses.
  • Pre-Tax Commute Plan (Section 132)
    A tax-saving program where qualified transportation expenses (i.e., mass transit, parking) are deducted from paychecks on a pre-tax basis and employees are reimbursed as expenses are incurred.
  • AFLAC Supplemental Insurance
    Supplemental health and life insurance that pay cash benefits to employees in the event of specific and serious health problems.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    A confidential counseling service available to employees free of charge, 24 hours a day to provide professional support for emotional, work-life, legal, financial and family issues.
  • Group Life and AD&D Insurance
    Eligible employees receive Life and Accidental Dismemberment & Death insurance coverage free of charge. Legal spouse and dependents may also be eligible for life insurance.
  • Supplemental Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance
    Eligible employees may purchase supplemental coverage for themselves and their families at an affordable monthly premium.
  • Long-term Care Insurance
    Specially-priced Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is available to you through ALTRES. LTC insurance can help cover the cost of care you receive at home from nurses' aides, home health aides, and therapists. It can help cover services in an assisted living facility and, if employees require skilled care, nursing home expenses can be covered as well.
  • ALTRES 401(k) Retirement Premium Plan
    Employers can adopt a robust retirement savings plan that offers innovative design, efficient administration, proven investment performance, and top qualifty customer service.
  • Tuition Assistance Program
    ALTRES will reimburse eligible employees up to $500 per calendar year for the cost of career development and work-related courses that meet specific criteria.
  • AAA Membership Discount
    Employees can join AAA without paying an initial enrollment fee and receive other membership services.
  • Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union
    Free membership with no fees at First Hawaiian Bank, Kalabash, and Co-op ATMS
  • HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union
    Free membership and ATM access at any Bank of Hawaii ATM.
  • Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
    Offers Aloha Rewards Checking, a free checking account with valuable benefits, including surchage-free ATMs.
  • Financial Planning Services
    Receive a free, no-obligation financial check-up to review financial goals and your plan to meet your goals.
  • Movie Ticket Discounts
    Discounted movie tickets for Consolidated Theatres and Regal Cinemas (formerly Signature Theatres).
  • Travel, Leisure, and Shopping
    Discounts and cash back on hundreds of brands. BenefitHub offers discounts and perks on airline tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, concert and sporting event tickets, beauty and spa activities, apparel, theme parks and much more. Plus receive membership and savings discounts at Sam's Club and Costco Wholesale.
  • 24 Hour Fitness Discount
    Special discounted enrollment fees and membership rates.
  • UFC Gym Discount
    Special discounted rates with no initiation or processing fees.
  • Island Club and Spa Discount
    Discounted enrollment fees and membership rates.
  • Hawaii Self Storage Discount
    Special discounts off any new storage rental at selected Hawaii Self Storage locations.
  • Allstate Identity Protection
    Access to comprehensive identity monitoring, cyber features, and fraud resolution for employees and their family.
  • Primerica Legal Protection Program (PLPP)
    Your employees have access to legal services and advice through Primerica Legal Protection Program (PLPP), administered by LegalShield. For a low monthly fee, this pre-paid program can help with a variety of planned and unplanned, legal issues whether big or small.
  • Gas Discount & Rewards Program
    Save on each gallon of gas and earn reward points on every purchase with the 76 VIP Kama’aina Rewards Program at participating 76 Hawaii and Hele locations.
  • Car Rental Discounts
    Special corporate discount rates with Alamo, Enterprise, Hertz and National Car Rental.
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance
    Receive up to a 15% discount through ALTRES on a Nationwide Pet insurance plan.
  • Hawaii Life Flight Discount
    Exclusive discount on membership fees
  • University of Phoenix Discount
    Receive a special tuition discount to enhance your professional development.
  • Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative
    Receive an exclusive discount on Legacy Planter's Tour and savings on Koa Legacy Tree planting.
  • HR Symphony®
    Train supervisors and employees to decrease administration and increase efficiency by using HR Symphony for notifications, preparing payroll, employee file cabinet, and running reports.
  • Safety Training
    Workplace safety education to include General Safety, Industrial Safety, Medical Satefy, and Safety for Supervisors.
  • Supervisor Certificate Series
    Designed for first-time managers and experienced supervisors; presented in a series of six, 3-4 hour modules. Completion of all six modules earns each participant a special Supervisor Series Completion Certificate.
  • Managing & Developing Employees
    ALTRES is proud to offer world-class content to help clients train managers, nurture leaders, and train all staff to be more productive and effective on the job. The seminars and workshops listed are presented in ALTRES’ training facilities or may be customized and delivered on site.
  • Seminars Held at ALTRES or at Client Worksite
    Regularly scheduled seminars to promote better understanding of HR and safety topics, plus manager/supervisor and individual staff member development. *If at client site, travel fees may apply to Options tier.
  • Customized Training
    Training content customized to client needs and delivered at client site; class size minimums apply.
  • SOC 1 Type 2 Report
    Validation by an independent auditor that our internal controls and processes are suitably designed, documented, and operating effectively to meet SOC 1 Type 2 reporting standards.
  • Certificate of Financial Assurance through
    Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC)
    Proof of ALTRES' accreditation with the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), a nonprofit organization which protects the interests of businesses contracted with a professional employer organization (PEO). ESAC's Client Assurance Program is similar to the assurances offered by the FDIC for the banking industry.
  • ALTRES Protection Plan
    This is an exclusive plan offered to HR Advantage and HR Options clients that provides shared protection from risk and liability for employment-related claims. Under the APP, ALTRES will split the first $50,000 (HR Advantage) or $25,000 (HR Options) of each claim.

For companies:
Large - Enterprise

HR Essentials
  • up to $1,000

For companies:
Small - Large

HR Options
  • up to $750
  • $10,000

For companies:
Small - Large

HR Advantage
  • $0
  • $15,000
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